Wire Wrapping for Beginners Online Jewelry Workshop

Wire Wrapping for Beginners

Learn to make beautiful handmade wire and gemstone jewellery to wear, give, or sell! | taught by Jessica Barst

About this Course

Join this Wire Wrapping for Beginners Online Workshop and enjoy a relaxing pastime 

while creating unique, wearable art to keep, give, or sell!

Imagine planning your outfit for a big night out and thinking, "I'd love a new necklace to spice up my favorite dress," or "I wish I had some fancy new earrings to add a little sparkle!" Or perhaps you long to give truly unique handmade gifts that will be treasured and cherished by their wearer.

Well, wish no more and save a trip to the store! After finishing this course, you'll have all the tools and techniques at your fingertips to be able to whip up a special new style and be the belle of the ball and everyone's favorite gift-giver! The compliments will roll in and you'll be so proud to smile and say, "Thanks! I made it myself!"

Jewelry making is a lifetime skill that anyone can learn and enjoy. Over 1000 happy students are already having fun wire wrapping and enjoying compliments on their special handmade creations.

With my expert instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning pieces in a matter of minutes!


Wire Wrapping for Beginners

This is just a small sampling of some of the fun designs you'll create during this workshop! Watch the video above to see more, then be sure to ENROLL NOW to lock in this low rate. You'll never pay more, even when I add new projects to the class!


Create and Wear with Confidence!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have dabbled in a bit of jewelry making before, this course will teach you from start to finish to create the jewelry that you and your friends will be dying to wear!

I’ll show you the tools and techniques to have you wowing your friends with your talent in no time, even if you’ve never touched a pair of jewelry pliers in your life :)

Learn Top Tips from a Professional Jewelry Designer!

We’ll go through each step with close-up detail, and I’ll share my best tips and tricks to get you wire wrapping like a pro. Let me help you finally GET that technique you’ve been struggling with and avoid the top mistakes beginners make when trying to learn these skills!

By the end of this course, you’ll have a jewelry box full of gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, as well as the knowledge and confidence to make beautiful, professionally finished wire wrapped jewelry that you will be proud to wear, give as gifts, or even sell for profit!

This is an in-depth course with over 40 lectures - a complete guide to making wire jewelry for beginners and for anyone who wants to brush up on and perfect their wire wrapping technique.

Techniques you will learn to master:

• simple loops and linked “rosary” style chains
• wire wrapped link chains
• various styles of handmade headpins
• perfect spirals
• wire wrapping headpins and dangles
• wire wrapped briolette drops
• “fancy wrapped” drops and briolettes
• clustered styles
• multi-strand necklaces and bracelets
• a wide variety of earrings
• make your own ear wires
• spiral embellished drops and links
• caged beads
• and so much more!


You will learn step-by-step with close-up videos how to make several different styles of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces as well as ways to adapt these styles for an even wider variety of finished jewellery. 


This comprehensive workshop is $650 WORTH OF JEWELRY LESSONS FOR ONLY $39!

When I teach jewelry workshops in person, students pay $65 each for 1 - 1.5 hours of instruction, and that's just for ONE single project (not including supplies). Teaching online allows me to move through demonstrations much more quickly - so I can cover more projects in a short amount of time.

When you enroll in Wire Wrapping for Beginners today, a small one-time fee of $39 earns you $650 worth of in-person workshops with a professional jewelry designer, all included in this comprehensive online workshop! Plus, you have unlimited lifetime access to all the projects AND to me, for help whenever you need it.

Enrollment includes free access to my exclusive Facebook group for students, where you will be able to interact with me and your fellow classmates, share your work, and ask for help anytime!


Still not sure? No worries! This class is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Your purchase is 100% RISK FREE with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with it, simply request a refund within your 30 day period for your money back, no questions asked.

Since 2015, I've taught this class to thousands of students across the globe. See what they love about this class, in their own words!



A: There is no set schedule for the class. As soon as you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all of the lessons. You can access and rewatch the videos any time, as many times as you need to.

Learn at your own pace, whether that’s 10 minutes at a time, or all at once!

A: Not at all. Your learning is entirely self-paced. Learn from wherever you have internet access, whenever you want.

A: Absolutely not. A single, one-time payment gets you lifetime access to the course – including any future additions without ever having to pay more!

A: Definitely. I’ll be there to help and encourage you. Enrollment includes access to a private, students-only Facebook group to share your work and get feedback from me and your classmates from all over the world!

If you're not on Facebook, you're free to contact me any time with questions.

A: After enrollment, you’ll have immediate access to all the lessons so you’ll be able to see right away if the class if for you!
This class is perfect for the absolute beginner and for anyone looking to brush up on or perfect their techniques.
Your purchase is backed by a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If the class is not what you expected, simply request a refund within the first 30 days.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact me any time. Email jess{at}jewelrytutorialhq.com

I look forward to personally guiding you through your wire wrapping journey to create some gorgeously wearable designs!



Jessica Barst
Jessica Barst
Professional Jewelry Designer and Instructor

Jessica Barst is a professional jewelry designer and instructor who has designed collections and exclusive items for Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Zales, Macy’s, JC Penney, Crow’s Nest catalogue, and many more!

Jessica has dedicated her entire life to designing jewelry and teaching others new techniques, and she specializes in helping beginners master difficult techniques with ease.

She has spent many years perfecting her craft - join one of Jessica’s jewelry courses today and let her guide you on your own jewelry making journey!

Course Curriculum

Welcome / About Me FREE PREVIEW
A note for free trial members FREE PREVIEW
How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Join the private Facebook group for students! (OPTIONAL)
Tools and Materials
Supply Checklist (printable) FREE PREVIEW
Basic Tools - Pliers and Cutters FREE PREVIEW
Miscellaneous Tools + Supplies FREE PREVIEW
Recommended Tools + Where to Buy FREE PREVIEW
QUIZ: Tools + Wire
Supplementary Materials
Wire Size Charts (printable)
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Jewelry Wire
Basic Techniques - Making Simple Loops
Supplies + Materials FREE PREVIEW
Introduction to Simple (Basic) Loops FREE PREVIEW
Simple Wire Loops - Method 1 - 'P' Loop Method FREE PREVIEW
Helpful Tip - Make Templates for your Loops! FREE PREVIEW
Simple Wire Loops - Method 2 - Right Angle Method FREE PREVIEW
Awesome Simple Loops Trick - ZERO WASTE Method!
Troubleshooting Simple Wire Loops
Connecting Simple Wire Loops
Let's Make a Bracelet!
Simple Loops Cheat Sheet (Printable)
Basic Techniques - Making Wrapped Loops
Supplies + Materials for Section 4
Making Wrapped Loops
Connecting Wrapped Loops
Troubleshooting Tips for Wrapped Loops
Wire Wrapped Bracelet
Supplies + Materials
Examples of Headpins you can Buy or Make
Make your Own Headpins - Curled + Spiral Headpins
Make your own Headpins - Knotted Headpins
Drops + Dangles
Supply list
Wrapped Bead Dangle (on a Headpin)
Wrapped Briolette Drop
Fancy Wrapped Briolettes and Dangles
Ear Wires
Supplies + Materials
How to Make Simple Ear Wires
Supplies + Materials
Simple Drop Earrings
Linear Dangle Earrings
Linear Dangle Earrings with Clusters
Beaded Hoop Earrings
Supplies + Materials
Wire Wrapped Cluster Bracelet
3 Strand Wire Wrapped Bracelet with Dangles
Supplies + Materials
Wire Wrapped Necklace with Beaded Hoop Pendant
3 strand Necklace
BONUS lessons
Semi-Spiral Wrapped Links
Semi-Spiral Wrapped Drops
Spiral Finish Briolette Drops
Caged Bead Links
Caged Bead Links - Tips for adapting the measurements
Conclusion - Final Project
Design Challenge

Reviews (56)

Fantastic course

by Susan Golden
I am a beadweaver so wire wrapping was new to me. Jessica explains in detail very simple ways of making perfect loops and wraps. I was so pleased to be making perfect loops and wraps. It is now a breeze for me to make earrings, bracelets and even necklaces using the techniques I learned in this course. Thank you, Jessica, I look forward to taking more courses of yours.


by Elle Allen
Excellent videos and tutorials. Clear instructions and fabulous tips and tricks. Now just need to put into practice.

Brilliant introductory course

by Jane Leung
I totally loved this course. Jessica is an excellent teacher and the instructions were very well thought out and easy to understand. I will recommend this course to any of my friends who are interested in wire wrapping. As soon as I make something, I will definitely post it on the Facebook page. Thanks, Jane
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Fantastic course

by Susan Golden
I am a beadweaver so wire wrapping was new to me. Jessica explains in detail very simple ways of making perfect loops and wraps. I was so pleased to be making perfect loops and wraps. It is now a breeze for me to make earrings, bracelets and even necklaces using the techniques I learned in this course. Thank you, Jessica, I look forward to taking more courses of yours.


by Elle Allen
Excellent videos and tutorials. Clear instructions and fabulous tips and tricks. Now just need to put into practice.

Brilliant introductory course

by Jane Leung
I totally loved this course. Jessica is an excellent teacher and the instructions were very well thought out and easy to understand. I will recommend this course to any of my friends who are interested in wire wrapping. As soon as I make something, I will definitely post it on the Facebook page. Thanks, Jane

Wire Wrapping for Beginners

by Vanessa Lucewicz
Excellent course! I hope there are many more in the future. Great videos and explanations. Highly recommended!

Beginners wire wrapping mini-course

by Betty Mullins
I give this course 5 stars. I will follow up on lessons as needed. I was very impressed with the visual aids, seeing how easy to follow directions.I give this a thumb up.


by Lois Shaneour
Very easy to understand. Enjoyed the course. 5 stars.

Excellent Course

by Paul Sammons
I'm just getting started in wire jewelry. This course is exactly what I needed. Jessica does an outstanding job teaching and explaining things in detail. She makes it easy to follow and understand. She has a very nice way of presenting the material. The quality of camera work is superb. Nice, clear closeups with clear audio. You'll know what you need to get for supplies and tools too. It's all in here. I highly recommend this valuable course to anyone interested in learning to make wire jewelry the right way. Great job Jessica!

Extremely informative

by Regina Warren
I really did enjoy this course. It taught me a lot about wiring wrapping, how to make ear wire and headpins. I feel more comfortable now about making jewelry thank you so much. Regina

Love it so far and not finished yet!

by Terry Melcher
Jessica explains in such detail and so clearly every step to making a beautiful piece of jewelry! I have looked at many videos showing how to make wrapped loops and they never looked quite right. Jessica shows a different way to do it and they turn out great! Practice will make perfect!

Best Online Tutorial

by Joyce Martin
This was by far the very best online tutorial I have experienced. Jessica Barst is thorough in introducing beginners to the basics of beading. Life just got in my way of completing the course in a timely manner, but the weekly reminders, with completion status, were very helpful in encouraging me to keep moving thru the course. I found Jessica's presentation both calming and patient, never rushing the student to hurry thru to get to the next segment. The videos were easy to use to visualize what was needed to achieve the results as described. Added to the fine presentations, Jessica encourages students to post questions and share photos of their projects. I was so very impressed, that I will most certainly enroll in some of Jessica's other online courses. The only thing I would like added to the tutorial is the availability of a publication that includes the entire introductory course ('Im old school and benefit from referring to visuals and written instructions in books that can be opened next to me as I create).

Excellent tutorial!!!!

by Beverly Robinson
I really enjoyed this tutorial for beginners. It took me a while to complete the course but I finally completed the course and look forward to make some pieces. I hope in the future that there will be a advanced wire wrapping class.

by minoo najafi mohseni
I loveed it iam going to practice whenever i could thank you for your beautiful teching techniqe

Thank You

by Elizabeth Stoner
I did learn a lot and you are a wonderful teacher, and so easy to understand.

Fantastic Beginner Wire Wrapping Course

by Carman Broderick
Loved this course. Jessica is a very good teacher and her projects are beautiful and easy to make. You will really enjoy learning how to start making wire wrapped jewelry. I highly recommend this course.

This is a GREAT course!

by Katherine Schoen
I began this course knowing nothing about wire wrapping, what kind of materials, what tools to have. What I thought looked so challenging to create Jessica, the instructor, broke down into simple steps. Jessica explained tools needed, the difference between materials to use and made recommendations as well. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you for providing it.

Great Course!

by Deby Henry
Your ability to teach with clear decisive instruction is awesome. Everything is explained with close up video to show exactly what needs to be learned to achieve great results!! Thanks so much for a great course!

Jewellery Made Easy

by Debra Kelday
I really enjoyed this course. Jessica has created clear step by step videos which make learning so easy. Showing us all the tools and equipment needed and talking us through each step, finally ending up with a piece of jewellery to be proud of. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is beginning jewellery making.

Best teacher I have ever watched

by Diana Stephens
She is a great teacher. Her calmness and her voice was soothing as I listened , not forceful or loud. This made it easy listening and easy to comprehend. Her hands were so precise. Each move was deliberate and no extra movement at all. That made each new technique understandable. I sure wish I had seen this before making and giving away earrings that did not hang right and would come undone , losing the dangle from the ear wire. It was crude work compared to what I can do now but each friend loved them anyway, so I won't beat myself up over it. I'm ready now to really make quality jewelry that could be sold if I wanted to. Suzi Stephens

by Patricia Dymond
Loved it

Great course

by Julia Mummery
I really enjoyed the wire wrapping for beginners course, I learnt so much. Was surprised at how many different ways to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Thank you. x

The Most Helpful Information

by Angie Kelley
I have been teaching myself to make jewelry for the past year. I have watched YouTube videos, taken business webinars, and every class I can possibly find. This is the most educational class that I’ve taken. I’m so much more confident in my abilities now that I know how to wire wrap. Thank you, Jessica!

Beginning Wire Wrapping

by Jessica Broghan
This class was wonderful and well worth the money. I've struggled with creating links, eye pins and just generally had trouble making my jewelry projects look professional. The instruction was clear and concise and the videos allowed me to stop them to see how a tools are being held, how the wire moves around the tools and how finished products are supposed to look. Thank you so much for offering these courses. I will definitely use this instruction to make beautiful jewelry.

EXceptional Teacher and Course

by Mary Jo Lochan
Jess is an amazing tutor and exceptionally gifted instructor. With printable texts on tips, cheat sheets and calm easy voice there is nothing to fear learning wire wrapping! Very Grateful Student! Thank you Jess :)

Most excellent tutorial!

by Laura Jones
This tutorial got me off and running -- very clear, step by step instructions with good narrative and excellent photography. Super job! I learned enough to get me started in and the techniques just jive with how I like to roll in jewelry making and design. I've taken off from here thanks to this terrific foundational course.

WIre Wrapping for Beginners

by marsha jorgenson
I enjoyed the videos very much. I am now going back and trying to do the steps. Do I get to keep this Wire Wrapping for Beginners? I find that each time I listen to you I learn more. I want to be accomplished in each step. Thank you MArsha Jorgenson

by Janet Barton

by Pamelia Wiltsey
Excellent instruction! Very clear and J was very thorough in describing the next step. Loved it !

about the course

by sneha s
it is excellent.am so glad that i found this jewelry tutorial.thank you very much jessica barst. I could not do so well in my academics. but i am doing very well in this.I would love to continue this as my carrier .love the course!!

Great course!

by Evelyn Clapson
I am an absolute beginner and this course showed me how to do many things that I can make beautiful jewelry with! As a beginner, I found the instructions clear and easy to follow. Thank you, Jessica!

wire wrapping for beginners

by vickie gray
This course has taught me so much and I am so grateful for the convenience my hours are not the same as most so being able to take this course with my kind of schedule is great thanks Jesse for coming into my home at such odd hours and teaching me the skills I needed to make the pieces Ive bin wanting to with a better-finished product

Wire Wrapping for Beginners Review

by Liz Elliott
I loved this class. It was just what I had been looking for. The instruction is clear and well-paced. I do need to practice a lot more before I can be as adept as Jess (if ever) but the class gave me lots of ideas and inspired me to try some new designs. Thank you!

Excellent course!

by Ellen Cervone
I was taught jewelry wrapping by a spouse of a soldier who had been stationed in Cuba. They found a lot of sea glass there and taught each other how to wrap the glass. The wife then taught me in her home and I loved it right then. It sparked my interest, but I needed a lot of repetition, practice and close up looks, yet I didn't want to be annoying. This video is the perfect answer to that! I was able to rewind as many times as I needed. Jessica is so clear and explains so well. I am so happy with the knowledge that I received from her and this course. Thank you! Ellen

Wire wrapping for beginners

by Genise Lisiewicz
Very good, but I will have to watch it several times and practice to see if I can do it correctly.

Wire Wrapping For Beginners

by Charito Schlagheck
This course is excellent. Jessica is very thorough and explained every detail of a step by a step progression into the next topic. I recommend this class to everyone interested in making this type of jewelry. Thank you, Jessica, for this class.

Perfect title for course

by Laura Eng
Text and video very easy to follow. I am not a beginner but I find instructions still very helpful and video is easy to understand.

by Theresia Cookson
Great tutorials, will be back for more.


by Sheryl Northover
Excellent course, very easy to follow. I have enjoyed every part of this course and can't wait to get started, I have just about collected all the equipment I will need to start with, and will post on facebook as soon as I have completed my first piece. Many thanks for this opportunity to have learnt something that I have wanted to do for so long. Thank you Sheryl

by Vesselina Atanassova
Hi, Thank you Jessica for such detailed information, I am very glad to have got teacher as you, you are the best teacher ever. I have nothing to add. I want to practice what I had learned before posted and share with others. Warm regards, Vesselina

Great Course!

by Kay Whitt
I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I learned a lot from Jessica. I found her videos and explanation to be very clear and easy to follow. I like that each segment is short enough to watch quickly and then I could go and practice the technique before continuing. The format is easy to go back and find techniques as well, since I did go back and review some lessons a few times as a refresher. I would definitely take another course from Jessica and recommend her academy to others. I am so glad I found her!

The best tutorial for beginners!

by Julia Vayner
Finally I found tutorial that very useful for me us a beginner and instructor is wonderful!

Great tutorial!

by Kim Sager
Every step and technique are presented in a very clear and concise manner. It's apparent she has loads of experience and she does a fantastic job demonstrating each step. I look forward to watching more tutorials on other projects.

A fabulous lesson collection!

by Denise OBrien
I can't thank you enough for these lessons! I may do some head scratching at first - but after making several basic ear wires or loops etc. for a few days and then reviewing the applicable lessons - wow!! I am amazed at how often I have "aha" moments, and my creations the NEXT time around are all so much better. Your tips and tricks are also a special treat - many thanks for those, too!

Wire Wrapping for Beginners...

by Katie Wile
I loved taking this class and I'm looking forward to others. Jess is a great instructor and she explains things so that they make sense. Can't wait for more classes.

Very Detailed videos

by Lisa Griffith
I can't not tell you how much I have learned through this class. I had to take longer to do it, but well worth it. Jessica takes her time and always asks questions. I love the the items that the other class members have done and showing them was nice. I am very thankful to Jessica for the chance to take this class.


by mags hay
Hi, I have been making jewelry for a few years now. I am self taught. I now know where I was going wrong on basic techniques. This course has been so informative and easy to go through with great videos. Thank you Mags

course review

by Manohari Antony
This course though called basic gave a taste of all the necessary techniques one need to make wire wrapped jewelry to any novice. I am very pleased with the content, the way the course is structured and the detailed easy explanations along with the videos. I am very grateful to Jessica for sharing her knowledge with people who need that confidence to tip their toes in the world of wire wrapped jewelry. I enjoyed this course immensely and will recommend to anyone who wants to learn the techniques and start doing their own jewelry whether young or old. Thanks a lot Jessica

Really enjoyed the course!

by Doreen Cooper
Thanks Jess, I found the course to be very well laid out and thorough and really enjoyed your teaching style. The close-up photography was great, and you made everything very understandable. I need to practice lots before I take your next course, but I like the look of it.

Perfect for beginners!

by nellie azogue
Thanks, Jess, for this tutorial for beginners! I've been watching a lot of DIY projects on Pinterest and Youtubes and I think I was doing it the wrong way. Now after this tutorial, I'll be making my pieces with more confidence and unleash my hidden talent (in case I have one). I will be inspired by the works of your students and hope to learn more from them.

Not only for Beginners

by Gloria Borrero
I am so happy I didn't let the title stop me from joining in and watch all of these wonder videos. Wire Working is wonderful and very accomplishing. It's been at least 5 years since I started working with wire, the previous yr I spent make wired ropes, which were quite fun and easy to follow. Wire Wrapping was my first step to my ultimate goal of 'hobby metalsmithing', which is where I am now, however, your videos taught me how to perfect my wire wrapping skills, things I used to do the hard way! Note to others: this course is not only for beginners but a great group of videos, even if you've been wrapping for a while!! We can also learn something new by watching some else's techniques. Thanks so much!!

I loved it

by ann spires
This was very interesting you taught me alot... I do have a question. I saved this on bookmaker so I can go back to it. I can keep this for later use can't i? I'm the only one trying this and I saw on Internet and it interested me. I just want to go back over if I do not do it right.

Awesome teacher!

by Jacie Davis
After trying so many times to figure out wire wrapping with YouTube tutorials I decided to give this class a try. I'm so glad I did! Jess is an awesome teacher who takes the time to go through all the important steps that nobody else ever did. I just bought the herringbone class too and can't wait to learn more!!

I'm making my own jewelry!

by Margaret Smith
As a total beginner, I was afraid that wire wrapping would be too hard, but this course makes it so easy! Some of the projects seemed pretty advanced but if you start at the beginning and go through the steps they will make sense when you get there. Jessica is a great teacher! I can't believe I can make my own jewelry. I'm so excited!

by Rosemary Pedder
I went through the whole course yesterday and found it clear concise and very easy to follow. Unfortunately I live in a country town and although I have ordered my supplies to make the projects, they still haven't arrived yet, but I love that I can go back through the material when my wire etc does arrive and work along with you, step by step. I make polymer clay beads and am really looking forward to being able to do something unique to show off these beads. Great course, Thank you.

This class is taught extremely well.

by Mara Meadows
I was a little rusty on some techniques, so was thrilled to take part in this course as a refresher. The tips are wonderful and the instructor doesn't skimp on any bit of information. Love the course platform as well.

IWire Wrapping for Beginners

by veronica white
I was pleased with what I was able to do, even before completing the tutorial.

The course was easy to follow, with great video of each action. I very much enjoyed this course, and I am looking forward to more courses to expand my knowledge.